Children’s Rights: An evolving field for professionals working with and for children

Prof. Philip D. Jaffé
Universität Genf, Mitglied UNO, Kinderrechtskommission

This course will:

  • present the international framework of human rights governance, with a focus on the Council of Europe and the United Nations systems
  • delve into the interdisciplinary field of children’s rights by unpacking the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)
  • examine the situation of children’s rights in Switzerland and glaring remaining gaps
  • focus on some key principles of children’s rights, in particular the notions of best interest and participation
  • provide examples of best and worst practices from a global and local perspective
  • vitalize the exchange with course participants with a final group exercise on significant issues plaguing Swiss children: corporal punishment, bullying and digital screen overuse.