Prof. Philip D. Jaffé

Philip D. Jaffé is a professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, cofounder and former director of its Centre for Children’s Rights Studies (CIDE). He trained both as a clinical and a forensic psychologist in Switzerland (UNIFR, UNIGE) and in the USA (Yeshiva Univ., Harvard Univ.). Still a practicing licensed psychotherapist and a court-appointed expert witness, he also conducts clinical and training consultancies for a wide range of humanitarian organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. Beyond the traditional “teach, research, publish or perish missions” required by a leading university, his vision of academic life is to branch out in the community at large as a science practitioner and educator. In New York, in 2018, he was elected as a member to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Switzerland is proposing his candidacy for a second mandate, elections being held in June 2022.